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We help families going through probate to sell inherited properties, giving you one less stress to deal with.

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Selling a property in probate shouldn't be so hard

Most people may only have to deal with probate once or twice in their life, and so are unfamiliar with how it works.

If that’s you, you’re probably trying to come to grips with the in and outs of the probate process, at the same time as juggling a long list of other things.

There’s the death to register, friends and relatives to tell, a funeral to organise, all at a time when you’re trying to find some space to simply grieve for your loss.

We hope you’ll let us lighten your load a little. One less thing to do.

If there’s a property in the estate of the person who’s passed away, then you will have to get that valued as part of the probate process. You may also want to sell it.

That’s where we can help.

All we do is value and sell properties left behind as part of an inheritance estate. We’ve been involved in over 30,000 property sales, and we are trusted by some of the biggest legal services and estate managers, and we are ready to help you.

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Like estate agents, but fast.

Save Time

We help complete sales in roughly half the time of other estate agents. Don't get stuck in the clogged up process of traditional agents & conveyancers.

Sell for more

Just because it's probate, doesn't mean it should sell for less. But unfortunately probate property is often undersold because agents don't have all the info on the property. We prepare everything up front.

Pay fewer fees

You pay less than they usually would if they hired an agent and conveyancer separately. We do both jobs combined.

Sail Homes: as seen on TV

Featured on Sky, Sail Homes has reached over 180,000 people in our area alone. Check out our advert and see how we can help you sell your house smoother than ever, today.

We’re also on Rightmove, Zoopla, LinkedIn, and Geovation.

Our NO-CHAIN, NO-PAIN Approach

It’s remarkably simple. The day you instruct us, we’ll start the legal process, we’ll prepare the sale documentation, and we’ll rank viewers based on their proceed-ability to make sure you know what you’re accepting. It’s a process that we’ve refined from the experience of 30,000 property sales.

Our 1.5% + VAT fee includes the conveyancing legal costs, so you just pay once.

See what our customers say

Save you money on overall costs

It takes 7.5 months for an estate agents & conveyancer to complete your sale. We halve that time.

For 1.5% + VAT of the sale price, we'll market your property and guide you through the process. You only pay once we've sold your house.

We are also a law firm, so we will start on your conveyancing from the day you instruct. This approach is why we sell in 80 days on average.

Booking a valuation today could be the best decision you've ever made for your wallet!

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Sale & Conveyancing

1.5% plus VAT

  • Dedicated agent

  • Dedicated conveyancer

  • Listed on Rightmove, Zoopla & others

  • We can do the viewings

  • Professional floor plan

  • Your own 'FOR SALE' board

  • Searches ordered upfront

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Are we for you?


Inheriting a property that you need to sell? We specialise in getting beneficiaries the most money for their property.


Had enough with buy-to-let? A vacant property is lost opportunity - sell fast so you can get your capital back quicker.


Property developers who want free up capital by selling, struggle because estate agents and lawyers block progress by using antiquated processes that take too long. We'll prep the sale whilst you renovate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Need an answer? Call us
Why should I come to you instead of a traditional high street agent?

Property sales often move at a snails pace. How often do you have to remind yourself that, while everyone’s suiting themselves, you’re the customer? While every professional in sight is doing things their way because that’s how it’s always been done, you’re the one racking up bills on a property. Forget that! Goodbye the old way. Hello Sail.

What do you offer that high street agents don't?

We’re going to go out on a limb and suggest that that ancient process is broken beyond repair. So we've created our NO CHAIN - NO PAIN approach to selling property. It’s remarkably simple. The day you instruct us, we’ll start the legal process, we’ll prepare the sale documentation, and we’ll order searches. We call it our “Sale Ready Process”. It’s a process that we’ve refined from the experience of 30,000 property deals. No other agent offers this approach.

How long will it take to sell my house?

We aim to get you to exchange within 6 weeks, which is considerably quicker than the average of 18 weeks. Our fastest sale so far was 22 days - amazingly quick!

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